Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review: Discretion by Allison Leotta

by Allison Leotta

Publisher: Touchstone
Pages: 336
Format: book
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Goodreads:  When a beautiful young woman plummets to her death from the balcony of the U.S. Capitol, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anna Curtis is summoned to the scene. The evidence points to a sexual assault and murder. The victim is one of the city's highest-paid escorts. And the balcony belongs to Washington, D.C.'s sole representative to Congress, the most powerful figure in city politics. 

The Congressman proclaims his innocence, but he's in the middle of a tough primary fight, and the scandal could cost him the election. For Anna, the high-profile case is an opportunity. But as the political stakes rise, she realizes that a single mistake could end her career. 

At the same time, her budding romance with Jack Bailey, the chief homicide prosecutor, is at a crossroads. Determined to gain respect in the office, Anna wants to keep their relationship under wraps. But the mounting pressure and media attention that come with the office's most important case will inevitably expose their relationship if it doesn't destroy it first. 

The investigation leads Anna to Discretion, a high-end escort service that caters to D.C.'s elite. But with each break in the case, the mystery deepens. And the further Anna ventures into D.C.'s red-light underworld, the larger the target on her own back. 

From the secret social clubs where Washington's most powerful men escape from public view to the asphalt track where the city's most vulnerable women work the streets, Discretion is a gripping exploration of sex, power, and the secrets we all keep.

Kritters Thoughts:  The second in the series and Anna Curtis is swept into another crazy case in the heart of DC.  A young woman dies at the US Capitol and with the mix of politics and prostitution, this should be an interesting case to solve.  

First let me say that I would definitely start at book one and then I would absolutely read the novella which introduces you to the woman who dies, so you get a glimpse into her life before this story starts.

Again, being a resident of the greater DC area, I loved reading this book and "seeing" places that I see often in a book.  Since I have moved up here, I have definitely become more politically minded then I was before.  SO I loved reading about the craziness of politics.  I had a friend who worked on the hill and I got a little glimpse into her life, but reading this book took it to another level!  My hope is that there is some truth in this book, so I could get an honest glimpse into the life of politics!

I also loved the continuation of Anna Curtis' story.  Her personal life perfectly mixed in and out of the investigation and it just worked. 

Rating: absolutely loved it and want a sequel

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