Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Reading and Challenges Wrap Up

Just like last year, I wanted to take one post and just do a recap of 2017!  I did this exact post last year and the year before and loved seeing it throughout the year.  This year I will compare 2017 to 2016, let's go!

Total number of books I read in 2016: 237
Total number of books I read in 2017: 214

Total number of pages I flipped, clicked, and so on in 2016: 77,778
Total number of pages I flipped, clicked, and so on in 2017: 67,360

To recap, I read more in 2016.  I had a few months where my full time job took front and center and even a lot of my personal time.  I hope that I can get a little more balance in 2018 and my reading can increase just a little.

I have been keeping track of WHERE my books were taking place all year.  Below is the outcome.  There are 13 states that I didn't "visit," which is worse than last year, so need to make an effort to "travel" the states a little more this next year!  And my country number went down from 16 to 12 this year, so definitely need to make better efforts next year.

States that didn't make the list:
Rhode Island     Iowa                Nebraska            Nevada
Delaware          Missouri           South Dakota
West VA            Arkansas          Wyoming
Kentucky          Oklahoma         New Mexico
Countries accounted for:
Canada       Sweden      France           Ireland
England      Italy           Thailand         Poland
Germany     Scotland    Switzerland    Australia


As far as the Ebook Challenge is concerned, I challenged myself to 50 ebooks and finished the year at 75.  I am so excited that I completely exceeded this one!  I am going to up the ante on this one next year!

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