Thursday, August 26, 2010

Books I am craving!

So every once in awhile I want to share what books I have found that are on the top of my list. I saw this type of post on The Story Siren - the books she pines for, well I crave them!!

I have been running around the web trying to find some new books to put on my ever expanding spreadsheet - I know - why look for more to put on a spreadsheet that looks like it will never be accomplished in this lifetime.

So here are some books that I am craving . . .

Promise Me by Nancy G. Brinker - The story behind the founder of Susan G. Komen. I am a huge fan of the foundation would love to read the story behind the foundation and two sisters who have affected women across the world with little pink ribbons.

The Way by Kirsten Wolf (no book cover image) - Every once in awhile I get into a rut where I am enthralled by religious history, whether it be the one I grew up with or other religions out there. Per my understanding this book tackles an interesting topic - what would have been different if Jesus was female? Being a female and always challenging the roles that women are limited to within certain religious practices, I am definitely interested in reading this book.

Sister by Rosamund Lupton - Being a sister, I am wanting to get this read as soon as possible. One sister is found dead in the snow, while the other is trying to find out how it happened and who should be responsible. I can not wait to get a copy of this one!!
What books do you have your eyes on?

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  1. Promise Me looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing! I love reading books about influential people!


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