Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: The Romantics by Galt Neiderhoffer

Goodreads: Laura and Lila were college roommates--one brooding and Jewish, the other the epitome of golden WASP-dom. Now it's ten years later, a day before Lila's wedding to Laura’s former boyfriend, and as the guests arrive, Laura finds herself the only one not coupled up. Struggling with the traditionally thankless role of maid of honor, Laura realizes for the first time why she can't stop thinking about her long, tangled relationship with the groom. And it appears that he is not entirely ready for the altar himself. Unfolding over two days off the coast of Maine, The Romantics follows the shifting allegiances among an unforgettable set of characters.

Kritters Thoughts: Well - an interesting read. I picked up this book initially because I saw the movie would be coming out and nothing is more frustrating than a ruined book after seeing the movie. I would much rather ruin the movie! It was a good read, not excellent, but good.

I think my main point of frustration was after reading such a great push pull about whether Tom would end up with Lila or Laura - the ending left me more than hanging. I can not believe how I felt when it ended, I have not been that upset with an ending that just left me feeling empty.

With no hope for a sequel, I am upset that this dilemma was not solved - let's see if they solve it in the movie.

Ok now that that is done. I will have to say that I am excited to see the movie because I want to see how they do the story. I think there were parts that were definitely drawn out in the book, so I think it will be easy to convert to movie without cutting a ton of plot points.

Here is to hoping the movie exceeds my feelings for the book!

Rating: enjoyable, but didn't leave me wanting more

Pages: 288 pages

GR July-Sept Challenge: Soak it Up

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  1. Thanks for the review. The cover is so attractive, I would have probably picked it up, but I am glad you spared me from the frustration.


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