Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Nursing a Grudge by Chris Well

Goodreads: What is a grouchy old man to do when two attractive women encourage him to leave his assistant-living apartment and join a clandenstine chili party? He actually has fun - until someone ends up dead. Now Earl Walker seems to be the only person suspicious of the way the party-goer met his demise. Can he solve the puzzle - and make a little romance - before the home closes and the suspects move away?

Kritters Thoughts: Well, an interesting read. I read this through Net Galley, so it was nice to read something on the computer - mixed things up a bit.

It was a very good story, but it had some interesting moments. I would say this story, although short in page length was very long in its building moments. I felt like it took forever for the story to get underway and then awhile for it to wrap up.

The other challenging aspect for the story was the weird random Christian inserts. Let me explain - the story would be going along and then all of the sudden the characters would be talking about praying or needing God. It was just random and I think what made it more random is that it wasn't really dealt with in the end of the story. The concepts were introduced sporatically, but weren't finished in the end.

I would have to say I wasn't a super fan of this book. It was a cute light read, but I wouldn't have passed along the paperback to a friend.


Pages: 256 pages

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