Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Interview with Bill Walker - A Note From an Old Acquaintance

I had the awesome opportunity to interview Bill Walker, author of A Note From an Old Acquaintance. After reading his novel, I was excited to send him some questions.
This being my first author interview, I had great joy coming up with some unique and interesting questions, SO here it goes!
1. What topic do you find yourself RAMBLING about?
** I try not to ramble about anything ;-)
2. I don't want to spoil this book for anyone - but did you know that these characters would end up where they did when you started writing?
** To a certain extent. I always try to have an ending in mind. Sometimes, the characters will take me in a different direction than the one I had planned on, and that is a terrific feeling. I never outline books in advance, as I feel that kills a lot of the spontaneity.
3. Is there any characteristic of Brian that is from your own personality?
** Certainly the fact that he and I are both hopeless romantics.
4. Did you enjoy writing this genre of books? What other genres do you gravitate towards?
** I very much enjoyed writing in this genre. I also love suspensful stories. I almost can't help incorporating these kinds of elements into everything I write. It's my desire to keep the reader glued to the page. The only way to do that is to make them keep silently asking: "What happens next?"
5. I read in an interview that you are looking to do a sequel for A Note From an Old Acquaintance - when should we expect it?
** I'm going to be starting it soon. I do have the title: Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot . . .
6. Finally, describe A Note From an Old Acquaintance in three words.
** Passionate, Nostalgic, Heartbreaking.
Thank you Bill Walker for your time! I absolutely enjoyed your book and was thrilled to send some questions your way.

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