Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Ramble

SO - I have decided to start a sort of Sunday Salon. The name - Weekly Ramble!

I am a little behind on sharing a fun adventure I had with my mom. We took a little road trip to Baltimore to visit The Book Thing and a few bookstores.

The Book Thing is a warehouse where anyone can go and pick out as many books and walk out no money exchanged!! They ask for you to donate when you visit, but you can walk out with 1 or 100 books. It was a fun adventure - I came home with some to read and then some to make crafts with, but definitely a once a year adventure.

Then we went to Daedalus Bookstore. WHAT a find! If you are ever in Baltimore - go straight to this book store. A one of a kind where they receive books after the big sales occur, so they can mark these books down more than 50% off cover price. I came home with three books that I am very excited to read. I will definitely return to this bookstore often!


  1. Wow, good to know about! I've never been to either but I live in Baltimore so I'll have to check both of these out. Thanks!

  2. I never heard of The Book Thing, what a great idea. May have to do a day trip. LOL


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