Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review - CSN product

Awhile ago I was contacted by CSN to review another item off their website. Well knowing that we were moving, I decided to hold off and wait to see if we had any needs.

JP and I are big wine fans!! We used to be members at a local winery and enjoy collecting and drinking all sorts of wine. We had these great wine racks in our old place that would not fit in the new. So after some searching we found a great little rack that would work in our dining room.

It arrived three days before the scheduled delivery date - YAY! It was very light.

After some problems with the Allen wrench, it took me approximately 30 minutes to put it together and then another 30 to decide which bottles would go on it.

After completion we decided that we may have to order another, we had more wine than we knew - oops! At least this is a good problem to have!

Head to CSN and Happy Shopping!

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