Monday, November 1, 2010

Review:The Crepe Makers' Bond by Julie Crabtree

Goodreads: Ariel is the head chef in her family kitchen. Cucumber salads, fettuccine carbonara, fish tacos, and peanut butter pie are just a few of the dishes she crafts when she’s feeling frustrated by the world. And it’s turning into a frustrating year. Ariel, Nicki, and Mattie have been inseparable friends since they were little kids, but now Mattie’s mom has decided to move away. It’s the girls’ last year in middle school, and they can’t fathom being separated. The friends concoct a plan that will keep Mattie in the Bay area she’ll move in with Ariel and her family. But before you can say "bff," the party is over. Everything Mattie does gets on Ariel’s nerves, and it’s not long before the girls are avoiding each other. This was supposed to be their best year ever, but some painful lessons are threatening to tear their friendship apart. Can the girls scramble to make things right before the bond crumbles?

Kritters Thoughts: Welp. I am completely torn on this short and quick read. I read it completely in one day, which was a boost to my ego since I have had a few rough weeks in terms of my reading completion. BUT I wasn't a super fan of this book.

A cute little read about three friends who are trying to complete middle school in the midst of middle school "drama." The concept of the story was great and I would definitely pass it along to my young friends and followers.

Although - as each chapter ends with a recipe, I felt like she made sure to include some kind of food product in each chapter whether it made sense or not to be able to put that recipe at the end of the chapter. Some fit into the story, some didn't quite fit so well.

My other point of frustration was the title. I have no idea where that title came from and I don't think it fit wth the book at all. I don't have any suggestions, but the title seemed like the characters would be older than middle schoolers.

Sad to read two books in a row that weren't my favorite, but always good to expand my reading.

Rating: not such a good read
Pages: 288

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  1. I'm a chapter or two into this one and am struggling. I think it's because I've read a few bad reviews and just don't have the energy for it. Should I keep going?

  2. Ehhh. If you are struggling, I would probably bypass, I loved the cover and the story was cute, but it wasn't life changing or though provoking and those I tend to keep going because somewhere I will get something out of it. just my thoughts.


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