Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Ramble - My 9-11

As the 10 year anniversary is going on as this is posting, I wanted to recount my experience and where I was on that fateful day.  A freshmen in college with only a few weeks under my belt, I woke up on that Tuesday getting ready for a college coffee and a class when my room mate arrived with the news that we must turn on the news as something is going on.  In our Chandler dorm, we turned on the tv and watched as the second plane hits the building.   

After reality started to hit and we realized that we were not watching a movie, we gathered into a room mate's room with the rest of the girls in the suite.  Between our small group there was not a New Yorker in the bunch, but we started thinking about others on the hall and we quickly ran to find Brian who was from Long Island.  On the phone, trying to get a hold of those from home, he was shook up and was ready to jump into action to do something on campus to help others that were impacted.

At the time, my dad was an employee of NASA in Hampton Roads, VA.  He frequented the DC area for meetings and once I realized that the Pentagon was hit, I made a phone call home to see if he was in the area and if he was ok.  For a second to think that he could have been in the mess, I lost it. 

Now as a resident of a suburb of DC - it feels so close.  It felt so far away while attending Elon and living in Charlotte, but now it is right down the road.  Even more so, as I date a police officer, I know that if anything were to happen in our area, he would be off to rescue others as I sit and hold down our fort.  This makes me think about all of those who wives who were holding down their forts as their men ran into the bulidings and rescuing others - some of the heroes of that day that are still standing. 


  1. God bless you and your police officer!

    Great post! It was interesting read your perspective as a "local".
    I live in the midwest and have never been up north so it all seems so far away to me.

  2. I think that for those of us who were at or near adulthood that day, it will be like the JFK assassination was to earlier generations--we remember where and when we heard.


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