Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Ramble: Adult Halloweening?

As the boy and I may be nerds or just un cool, we just don't do Halloween.  Living up North, we feel like Halloween is even crazier up here.  

Last year, I dressed up twice, once at the office - as seen below the chick from Flashdance if you can't tell.  Then we went to a friend's party, I stuck a hat on with a sweater dress and was a Bitchy Witch, what can I say?  Creativity with costumes, can't do it. 

This year, I will again dress up for work, but this will only be a won hit wonder, so I will share what comes on Wednesday, with much fewer words!  And maybe a picture of a cute little 3 year old airplane!

How about Halloween at your house?

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