Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Ramble: Retreating

One question -  Have you ever been on a retreat?

I am currently in Nashville, retreating with my company.  Once a year we take the entire company somewhere and spend a few intensive days talking about the past and future of our company.  This is my second year planning the shindig, so as for me, I am not retreating, I am in FULL work mode!

I say all of this to find out who retreats?  What do you get from retreating?  Where were your most memorable retreats?

I know my next few days which will be still in Nashville vacationing will feel like a retreat after this very tiring weekend!

I am hoping to Ramble every Saturday about both bookish and non-bookish things that are going on around me, your input is always wanted and needed.  Suggest a topic for rambling or your thoughts on each ramble. 

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