Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guest Post and Giveaway: Elizabeth Ann West

Today, I have a treat to share - a guest post from Elizabeth Ann West, author of Cancelled which was reviewed here at Kritters Ramblings.

“I Don't Read”
By: Elizabeth Ann West

“I don't like to read.”

“I just don't have time to read.”

How many times do we readers hear this from our family and friends? Funny thing is we WANT them to read, so we have someone to talk about books with...in person! In my own life, I live with a self-professed non-reader. He's 11. But he'll “forget” his reading time requirement (20 minutes per day) when I hand him my Nook.

How should we handle people who assure us they just don't read? Easy. Become a reading ambassador. Chances are very strong the person in question was never even asked what kinds of books he or she wanted to read as kid or young adult. Reading was always assigned. To them, we are nerds still giving ourselves homework!

Instead of asking your friend why he or she doesn't read, try asking what they like to read. Still coming up empty? Ask about TV shows or movies they like to watch. Try to find a book version to suggest. For example, did you know the popular Showtime series Dexter is based on the series of books by Jeff Lindsay? Introduce them to the online sample on their computer. They don't even have to step foot in a book store to browse titles!

What many non-readers don't realize is how rich the experience of reading is outside of being assigned. It's an entertainment form that educates in a very subtle way. By finding entertainment in stories, the reader picks up new vocabulary and other information, even from fiction! Don't give up on your non-reader friends. Help them. Help them find the materials they can enjoy, whether it's a favorite TV series' fan fiction or classics their teacher failed to put on the syllabus.

Today's digital libraries offer the greatest versatility in reading genres, cross-overs, and story lengths. Thre is a niche for every reader! The short story and novella formats, great for readers short on time, are making a massive comeback on ereaders. This is due in no little part by the work of independent authors. There's no reason a friend reclaiming reading as a past time should feel daunted by hundreds and hundreds of pages.

And never be afraid to be the training wheels! Why not try reading your non-reading friend's choice...together! You find a great new book to share together right here on Kritter's Ramblings. Her reviews are unique because they focus on the fun of reading the stories she selects, not just typical literary analysis. Her blog is a perfect catalog of titles to “shop” from!

Please reach out to someone you know who “hates to read.” You never know what kind of reading monster you'll unleash! :) Share your experiences below in helping a friend or family member to enjoy the world of books below! We can all learn from each other how to help literacy spread like wildfire!

As a special thank you for inviting me once again to Kritter's Ramblings, I have a special gift for all of the other reading junkies out there: a free, signed copy of my debut novel's ebook, CANCELLED.

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I am also daring one name each week from the newsletter subscribers and that winner receives a free signed and annotated paperback copy of CANCELLED straight to their door! I will ship internationally.

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