Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Ramble: One Word - Giada

Yep, one word brought both my dad and the boy to a book signing - Giada.  Well, maybe another - food!

Although these boys support mine and my mom's love for book signings, they rarely (I mean never) go with us.  So when mom and I heard that Giada would be coming to Sixth & I, one of our favorite venues we thought we could get them to come and see what a book signing is like and maybe a little dinner before the event.  So last Saturday, we ventured into DC for a little dinner and a book signing!

We had some tapas at La Tasca - the seafood tasting menu was good, but the paella was fantastic - we have had better in DC.  Then it was off to Sixth & I.  Giada was just as personal and bubbly as you see on tv.  The audience questions were great, it was my favorite part.  

Below is a picture of our group - please excuse the squinty eyes!

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