Monday, August 26, 2013

Bout of Books Wrap Up

So I would say that my Bout of Books was definitely successful!  I didn't meet my goal of 300 pages a day, but a few times I got close and I most definitely read more each day than I normally do.  So here is to hoping that I can have more reading weeks like this one!

In total I finished 7 books, although 2 were short ebooks, they still count!

Finished Sisters in Love - 23 pages
Started Love & Lament - 148 pages
129 less than goal

Finished Freud's Mistress - 223 pages
Started Sisters in Love - 157 pages
80 pages above goal!!!

Freud's Mistress - 68 pages
Finished Emma vs the Tech Guy - 171 pages
61 less than goal

Freud's Mistress - 40 pages
Started and Finished In the Shadow of Revenge - 203 pages
Started Emma vs Tech Guy - 9 pages
48 less than goal


Finished Equilibrium - 85 pages
Finished Lying to Meet You - 132 pages
Started Freud's Mistress - 20 pages
13 less than goal

Equilibrium - 200 pages
Started Lying to Meet You - 55 pages
45 less than goal

Finished Human Remains - 200 pages
Started Equilibrium - 30 pages
70 less than goal


  1. I would like to read Equilibrium, on my wishlist. The others I hadn't heard of, so at least I picked up some new suggestions :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. You made out great for the read-a-thon. I feel accomplished too and I had a great time.
    -Dilettantish Reader

  3. I'm so impressed! Great job and thanks for sharing!


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