Tuesday, July 1, 2014


June - the first month of summer and full of many days and nights outside with books and pups!  I was so thankful to see my numbers back up and some really good books were had!  

July has no travel and some pool days - kind of excited for a quieter month.

1.  The Beautiful American by Jeanne MacKin
2.  Breathe by Kelly Kittel
3.  Pressed Pennies by Steven Manchester
4. Happy to Be Alive, Because by Chelsea Jacobs
5. No Alligators in Sight by Kristen B. Feldman
6. Supreme Justice by Max Allan Collins
7. That Night by Chevy Stevens
8. The Ways of the Dead by Neely Tucker
9. Sweet Memories by Steena Holmes
10. Sweet Dreams by Steena Holmes
11. Eyes on You by Kate White
12. Chasing the Sun by Natalia Sylvester
13. The Tilted World by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly
14. Grand Central by Assorted Authors

15. Secrets by Robin Jones Gunn
16. Last Night at the Blue Angel by Rebecca Rotert
17. One Plus One by Jojo Moyes
18. The House on Mermaid Point by Wendy Wax

Total pages read, clicked, and flipped:  5,404

Where Have I Been Reading?:
Portland, Oregon
Washington, D.C.  (2)
Banff, Canada (2)
New York, NY  (2)
Lima, Peru
Chicago, IL
Florida Keys

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