Monday, January 1, 2024

2024 Reading Goals

For this year, I am going to do a post on reading goals and another one on life goals, I want to share those here as I may spend some time on my blog "rambling" about them and I am excited to share more about what is going on besides my reading life here on the blog!  

Ok now for the Reading Goals of 2024!

1. I want to read a minimum of 124 books.  I read 49 books in 2023 and I am hoping with fewer house projects and a quieter year that more quiet time with a book will happen.   

2. As in last year, I want to focus on my Netgalley percentage.  Thankfully it stayed the same in 2023, I was graciously given access to a lot of books, but I was able to read and review enough to keep the percentage the same, I would like it to increase in 2024.  Not setting a specific number just an increase from 20% would be great! 

3.   With more books clearly in my plan, I would like to embark on more audiobooks this year.  I expect some time in the garden and some time walking dogs which are some of my favorite things, so if I can bring reading to those activities, I would be a happy lady in 2024.  I will be keeping track of this in 2024, with a hope of 2 books per month.    

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