Sunday, January 14, 2024

Recipe Review: Blue Cheese steak sauce

Over the last year, I have perfected the air fryer steak situation, so that wasn't my new recipe for 2024.  AND I have been blessed with a fantastic Durham family steak marinade that is just right to give flavor but not over power the steak and this wasn't new to me at all.  My grandfather was very proud of his marinade making it into the recipe book for his church AND it included bourbon.  I always put the bourbon in to honor Max Durham!  

Adding a blue cheese steak sauce was new to me.  I have had a blue cheese steak sauce out at a restaurant but wanted to see if I could do this at home.  I loved that two of the ingredients from the sauce were also in the marinade, so I felt as though this would line up well - Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder.  The sauce was nice and easy to make while the steak was doing its thing in the air fryer.  This will be a recipe that will absolutely be repeated.    

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