Sunday, January 7, 2024

Recipe Review - Roasted Rack of Lamb

For 2024, I have a goal to try out new recipes (hopefully 52, one a week), diversify what I can cook, and maybe even pick up a few new skills and/or gadgets in the kitchen.  I started the new year with a recipe that had been on my to do list for a bit - Roasted Rack of Lamb.  

I put the marinade together which was super easy in a cuisinart and it was entertaining to be handling garlic while sipping my morning coffee, so this could marinade during the day.  

The one thing I didn't follow on the instructions was moving the rack in the oven and I think this prevented a good crisp on the lamb, so while I was able to get it to the right temperature, it just seemed bland.  I would love to redo and make this one change.

NOW.  I had some leftovers.  And I had a blast making a homemade tzatziki sauce and using the lamb to make a sort of gyro platter with hummus, naan, and arugula.  SO while the original recipe didn't quite work out, the leftovers were perfection!


2024 Recipe #1

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