Monday, January 1, 2024

First Book of 2024!

I am beyond excited for 2024 and ready for a new year with new goals and to start a new year of reading!  I want 2024 to be the year where I spend a lot of time curled up with a book in one way or another - physical book, ebook, and audiobook.  So for my first book of 2024, I am going to read a book that I have from Netgalley in both ebook and audiobook form, to encourage me to read in multiple formats to try to get the most amount of reading out of a day! 

Goodreads:  Ten years ago, Theodora “Teddy” Angstrom’s older sister, Angie, went missing. Her case remains unsolved. Now Teddy’s father, Mark, has killed himself. Unbeknownst to Mark’s family, he had been active in a Reddit community fixated on Angie, and Teddy can’t help but fall down the same rabbit hole.

Teddy’s investigation quickly gets her in hot water with her gun-nut boyfriend, her long-lost half brother, and her colleagues at the prestigious high school where she teaches English. Further complicating matters is Teddy’s growing obsession with Mickey, a charming amateur sleuth who is eerily keen on helping her solve the case.

Bewitched by Mickey, Teddy begins to lose her moral compass. As she struggles to reconcile new information with old memories, her erratic behavior reaches a fever pitch, but she won’t stop until she finds Angie—or destroys herself in the process.

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