Sunday, January 21, 2024

Recipe Review: Creamy Pasta

By the end of this year, I am hoping to become an expert when it comes to make a roux, but today isn't that day!  I was excited when I saw a YouTuber that I follow make this recipe recently it was a pasta with a creamy sauce but no roux in sight.  The original recipe puts peas in and I am not a fan of peas, so I went with asparagus that I cooked in my air fryer. 

And when making this recipe I was trying a trick I had seen, cooking bacon in a pot, wanting to see if that would contain the bacon grease mess - hint it did not.  Still puckered all over the place!  AND my first batch burned in the blink of the eye, so glad I had only done half and had another half to try.  The second batch worked, but still looking for a better way to bacon.  

Fresh bacon made this recipe so much better, I use the "real bacon bits" on salads and potatoes, but I for sure recommend going with real fresh bacon for this one.  

I want to make this recipe again, but instead of parmesan cheese try something else - maybe a cheddar.  The sauce consistency was great and I loved the asparagus and bacon, but want to try out another cheese. 

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