Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Ramble - Amy E. Goodman at One More Page

A great evening at One More Page with chocolate, wine tasting and lots of talk about fashion. A book that I received for review and posted a review here on April 22nd. Wear This, Toss That!

A colorful evaluation of what women should keep as staples in their wardrobe and what to add for sparkle to an outfit. There are also tips about what to send to charity for others to take advantage of. I am still working on this process!

Amy E. Goodman was a joy to listen to. Her stories of her background and linking them through how a first impression can mean a lot as to how people remember you for the rest of your life. She talks with passion which was inspiring. I work in a dressed down environment and walking the line between comfort and style is a daily fight in my closet!

At the end of the night, she signed books and spoke individually with every person. As always One More Page is a great host for readers and book fans.

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