Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Ramble: Signing with Jael McHenry

Another great event at One More Page bookstore - my local independent bookstore in Arlington, VA. Author, Jael McHenry spent time reading her book and then answering questions from the audience. I enjoyed hearing about her experience getting published - the ups and the downs. Especially her story as to how she ended up with the cover of The Kitchen Daughter, which I absolutely love.

After all the questions were answered, we were able to get our books signed and I was able to spend a moment chatting with her about the book and her research. I love the atmosphere at this small bookstore because I really get to have a moment with the author and don't feel like a number in a huge line.

I definitely enjoyed the event, it was a joyto meet her and spend some time at my favorite store!

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