Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Confessions of a Call Center Gal by Lisa Lim

Goodreads: Madison Lee is a fresh college grad, ready to take on the world of print media. But she has zero luck landing a job. Unemployment is at ten percent and on the rise. Desperate and left with no other options, she accepts a position as a service rep at a call center in Pocatello, Idaho. At the Lightning Speed call center in Spudsville, Maddy plunges into the wild and dysfunctional world of customer service where Sales is prided over Service and an eight hour shift is equivalent to eight hours of callers bashing her over the phone. Oh sure, the calls are bad. But Maddy manages to find humor on the phone and off the phone. And with all the salacious drama behind the calls, there is never a dull moments at the Lightning Speed call center. Lately . . . Maddy has been pining for her smolderingly gorgeous co-worker Mika Harket. Now things are heating up on the phone - and elsewhere.

Kritters Thoughts: A hilarious comedy with some snark and punk. I fell in love with our maine character Maddison from the very beginning and just couldn't wait to find out where she was headed. Her fun adventure included curious characters, a prime location - the dreadful floor of a customer service call center and witty banter. I flipped right through the pages wanting to know what kind of caller would be on the line next or what insane corporate mandate would come down the pipeline.

I have some quasi call center experience from a previous job and boy was it fun, the characters that I spoke with on the phone. Just ask my cubie mate Maria, man we had some doosies! But I digress. I laughed completely out loud at some of the calls she took both from how crazy people can be to the reality that there are people out there who makes these kinds of calls every day. I gained some perspective on how far being nice on the phone can get you somewhere with a customer service agent.

Lim's characters were both funny and heartwarming. It was such fun to get to know each character and I loved how true and geniune they each were down to their bones. I think I have one of each in my life! I think she correctly described the people that we can all interact with on the job whether we want to or not!

Although I didn't read this at the beach, I think this would be a perfect addition to the beach bag this summer - a cute and light read that will keep you laughing throughout. I may have been reminded a little of Jennifer Lancaster's spunky humor, but I will never compare one author truly to another!

Rating: perfect beach read

Pages: 259

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  1. Thanks for this lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. xx L

  2. Great review! I just added to my TBR list!

  3. glad you enjoyed it. :) it was a fun story.


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