Friday, December 28, 2012

Just 3 days after Christmas is another special day at our house - it is my husband's birthday.  Having a birthday so close to a major holiday and during the holiday hangovers has been a trial - it's hard to properly celebrate when you just want to curl up and veg after all of the holiday hub bub!  

So this year, we are in South Carolina visiting with his family and I am hoping to show him that we are glad he is just one year older!  His birthday may be celebrated a few times in the next month with a special dinner in the works and some other happenings.  

Happy Birthday to my Mr. Jones!


Unknown said...

My Gram has her birthday on December 22 and always says the same's hard when everyone is ramping up for the holidays!

My own bday is 5 days after St. Patrick's Day, so I often don't feel like celebrating after that!

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

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