Friday, March 11, 2011

Review: Fools Rush In by Kristan Higgins

Goodreads: Rewarding job as a local doctor on Cape Cod? Check. Cute cottage of her very own? Check. Adorable puppy suitable for walks past attractive locals? Check! All she needs is for golden boy and former crush Joe Carpenter to notice her, and Millie will be set.

But perfection isn't as easy as it looks - especially when Sam Nickerson, a local policeman, is so distracting. Sure, he needs a friend after being dumped by Millie's fortune-hunting sister, but does she really need to enjoy his company that much? He is definitely not part of her master plan. But maybe it's time for Millie to start a new list . . .

Kritters Thoughts: A great little read. This is my second Kristan Higgins experience. I have to admit, my first experience was better. From the beginning, I found the story to be predictable, cute, but I could see where we would end up.

A great little story about a hometown girl who returns as a successful woman ready to start a career and nab the boy she has been wishing for since high school. It was sweet and I loved her story, but I felt like I was watching a horror movie and kept saying things out loud to coach her to where she ended up.

I would recommend this book to those ladies who are inclined for a light and fluffy read, where you may be way ahead of the characters.

Rating: definitely a good read, but can't read two in a row

Pages: 384

Cover Challenge Jan-March: Furry Friends

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