Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review: Mood Matters by John Casti

Goodreads: "Mood Matters" makes the radical assertion that all social events ranging from fashions in music and art to the rise and fall of civilizations are biased by the attitudes a society holds toward the future. When the "social mood" is positive and people look forward to the future, events of an entirely different character tend to occur than when society is pessimistic. The book presents many examples from every walk of life in support of this argument. In addition, methods are given to actually measure the social mood and to project it into the future in order to forecast what’s likely or not over varying periods of time.

Kritters Thoughts: An interesting read with a short review. I started this book thinking it was a little non fiction with some great pop culture influence behind the theory. I was definitely wrong. It was a lot of theory with a little pop culture.

To be honest, I would think this book would be best read by economics majors for a project. Being a business major myself, I enjoyed the book, but I think I would have found more use of it if I was still in school and needing a read that would motivate me with some pop culture references.

Rating:enjoyable, but didn't leave me wanting more

Pages: 210

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