Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interview with Kristan Higgins - My One and Only

An author who has provided many a women with great stories of life and love. I had the great opportunity to send Kristan Higgins some questions and here are here answers . . .

1. What do you find yourself rambling about?

What don't I ramble about is the easier question. Dogs, weather, what's for dinner, ideas for books . . . but mostly people, I'd say. I love doing personality analyses of people I'll never meet . . . I was watching the Oscars, for example, and gave a character breakdown of James Franco to my companions based on absolutely nothing other than his cute smile and the very few facts I know about him. I guess it's a good thing if you're a writer.

2. When looking at your female leads, do you put a piece of your presonality in each of your characters?

Sure. It's hard not to have a little bit of the author in every character, but especially the point-of-view characters. Definitely the sense of humor is shared, as well as an innate optimisim. Also a love of animals and food.

3. Kristan, I have read a few of your books, they are usually in the chick lit, romance genre. Would you ever write something that is completely out of your normal realm?

I might! Life is long, so you never know. I have a few ideas that are very different from what I currently write, but whether or not they'll ever see a publisher is another question altogether. I love what I write now - romance, chick lit, women's lit, romantic comedy - whatever you want to call it, I feel very lucky to be doing what I do. Very, very lucky.

4. What is next on your plate?

I just finished a book that will come out in November called Until There Was You and will soon start another book that'll be out next spring, currently called Untitled (do you love it?). I have some speaking engagements here and there throughout the year, as well as a big family vacation this summer to Glacier National Park.

Thank you so much to Kristan Higgins for her time and witty answers! I can't wait to see Until There Was You and Untitled on the shelves! (haha)

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