Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: Wear This, Toss That! by Amy Goodman

Goodreads: It costs us not to look our best!

Dressing poorly costs us interviews, first impressions, money . . . and a whole lot more. But you can look good all the time, asserts Amy E. Goodman, the magazine maven and style expert who's a regular on NBC's Today show. Her one-stop fashion and beauty book cuts through the information overload to teach you how to dress to impress whatever your age, lifestyle, or size - while staying true to yourself and your budget.

Who can afford clothes and makeup that don't fit or flatter? Since every piece needs to count, Amy uses snappy, clear comparisons to show you how to regain control of your wardrobe and beauty shelf by simplifying your choices. Then Amy builds beyond the essentials, walking you through your closet, rack by rack, shelf by shelf, and drawer by drawer, telling you what to wear and what to toss. By sorting through the items you already have and taking inventory of what you need, you can build upon what you own and finally create the winning total look you've always dreamed of!

Kritters Thoughts: What an excellent book to read and keep on hand - this is definitely one I am putting on the keep shelf. Although I am pretty good, not excellent, but pretty good and getting rid of clothes that haven't been worn in awhile; I am terrible about the amount of clothes that come in the door (no comment from the peanut gallery). I find something that fits and I assume that I will never see it again, so I order 3 more in different colors or just 3 more. So, I must admit that my closet could use some tossing - especially now that police uniforms are on their way, a little stressed.

Ok, to review the book and not my closet. A great go to book to determine what should stay and what should be evicted from the closet. I skimmed through the parts that I may already have a handle on, but I spent a lot of time on the beauty section. Sweet and concise, the beauty section was a great overview of what products could be added to your shelf and routine and would could be deleted. Then the accessories, a great section that would help any woman pair down or amp up what they use to beef up their wardrobe and a particular outfit. All in all, this book definitely helped set priorities in my closet and made me want to sit down in it and evaluate the situation.

A purchase for anyone graduating college and heading into the work world or may be in a style or closet rut. I think everyone could grab a tip or idea from this book.

Rating: enjoyable, but didn't leave me wanting more

Pages: 224

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  1. I am terrible about going through my clothes. I also tend to get things I love in different colors, but I think it makes sense, b/c even though I have many clothes I tend to wear the same pieces over and over again.

  2. This looks like it would be a good one to get from the library.

    I already know that part of my problem is that I have too many t-shirts and not enough nicer outfits. :)


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