Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: Everything I Was by Corinne Demas

Goodreads: "My walls were stripped, and all that was left in the room was a pile of boxes and my mattress propped against the wall."

So begins Irene's journey from an Upper West Side penthouse to - well, she's not entirely sure where. Irene's investment banker father is "downsized" when his company merges with another. When he can't find work, her family's lifestyle - and her socialite mother's spending - quickly catches up with them. Eventually, they're forced to move in with Irene's grandfather in the big family farmhouse upstate. But what begins as the most disastrous summer of her life takes a surprising turn when she meets a most remarkable family.

Kritters Thoughts: Another MG read. First I must say that I loved this little book. A girl who loses all control of her life because of events that happen to her parents and she is at an age where her opinions are not taken into account for the changes that happen to the entire family.

I found this story to be real, endearing and just a great read. I have read in a few places that there is dislike between the current cover and the story. I would have to agree, I didn't think the cover went along with the story at all, nor did the girl match anywhere close to who I pictured as Irene. This may change, but I definitely wasn't a fan of the cover.

I would pass this book along to both my younger and older readers. I would warn my older readers that this is definitely a MG read and not at all mentally deep or challenging. I think youngers readers would love to relate to a character who is able to grow in the story and learn how to express her voice.

Rating:perfect beach read

Pages: 264

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