Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: The Love Market by Carol Mason

Goodreads: When a marriage ends and a first love reappears, Celine Lewis is about to learn that moving on is as complicated as going back.

Three years after seeing her first love, Patrick, quite by chance in London, Celine's ten-year marriage to Mike is over and she is running her own business, called The Love Market, a professional matchmacking service in Northern England. She's coping with the unanticipated heartbreak of a marriage ending, and her quirky twelve-year-old daughter who seems to blame her for the split.

Then, out of the blue, Patrick emails. Tempted to find out if all the old feelings can possibly still be there, she's thrown into tailspin again when Mike has an unusual proposition for her, forcing her to question whether a divorce really means it's over.

Kritters Thoughts: A story that quietly unfolded between a family that is being torn apart. Set in Northern England, this family unit of three is facing divorce and a new lifestyle that will forever change their lives. The child in this story is just the right age to have opinions on the matter of the family, but young enough to have no ability to stop what is going on or get away from it all. The other outlying characters were vibrant and full of life without overpowering the true center of the story.

As I don't tend to read books outside the United States, I put this book off and then debated about even starting it. I was wrong to do this. A sweet book that made me earn to know that the love that I have is true and real and wonderful. I ached for her when she wasn't sure how she really felt about the man she was divorcing - Mike and the man that caught her eye so long ago - Patrick. To be honest, my heart flipped and flopped as to whether I wanted her to return to Mike or just fall for Patrick. I will not divulge as to whom she ends the book with, but I will say that I enjoyed the journey and am glad she is with who she is with.

I would pass this story along to all my female readers who enjoy reading a love triangle and want to find themselves wrapped up in this woman's life. A true gem that I am glad I found.

Rating:absolutely loved it and want a sequel

Pages: 336

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