Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: the Martini Diet by Jen Sander

Goodreads: Good food and drink is good for you, so why deprive yourself? The most self-indulgent people (those who never miss their morning lattes and evening martinis, dine at the best restaurants, and indulge in weekly massages and facials) are as thin as they are spoiled. This book will reveal the reasons why some of the most indulgent people are also the happiest and the healthiest and help readers learn how to indulge themselves thin!

The book includes well-researched and fun-to-read information on the following: Why science is the indulgent dieter's best friend; Why red pepper in spicy foods, the flavonoids in chocolate, the endotheilin-1 in red wine, and more all help you lose weight and keep it off; Why hot sex is good for your heart; How to eat fat and be skinny; Why massage might be better than running for decreasing the appearance of cellulite; When to say no to a salad and yes to another glass of red wine.

Kritters Thoughts: An interesting new take on dieting and eating habits. Indulge in the good things, but keep your hands away when it is meal time. I read this book intrigued by a new concept on how we can change our lifestyles for the better without cutting out all the good stuff.

I think my biggest take away was when she said it sort of repetitively - eat the best of the best. Sometimes I choose cost of quality and maybe even end up choosing more calories and less healthy options because of it. So I would like to spend less money and get less food, but better food. I believe that I can tend to buy too many groceries because I don't have a food plan for the week - with a plan, I could probably end up spending less money and also get the better quality options.

A great read for the female audience who may have already read a book or two on dieting and would like a different take on it all.

Rating:enjoyable, but didn't leave me wanting more

Pages: 192

Cover Challenge April-June: Drinks, Dinner & Dessert

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  1. This does sound like a unique diet book! I like the idea of eating the best of the best -- save the calorie splurges for foods that are worth it!


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