Thursday, March 21, 2013

Author Interview: Melissa Foster

Hello readers!  Yesterday I was given the opportunity to read and review another Melissa Foster book - Traces of Kara.  Today I will be interviewing here again here on Kritters Ramblings.  So here we go!

1.  I ask this in every interview and I know this is our second, but I must ask it again!  What do you find yourself rambling about?

Life is my inspiration for all of my writing.  I'm not the type of writer who can slot herself into a genre and stay there.  Whatever I feel passionate about at the moment, is what finds its way into my writing.

For my latest release,Traces of Kara, inspiration came from moving into a new town and happening upon the power plant after dark.  I had no idea it was near my house, and when I saw it, it was so creepy that I had to return nightly for two weeks and just start at it.  I let it sink into my soul, and then I went on tours of the building - - and Traces of Kara was born.  This is the darkest, most suspenseful novel I have written to date.

2. You are such an advocate for authors!  Who was an advocate for you in your early days getting published?

When I started publishing, it was very different to find help in any direction.  Without a doubt, MJ Rose has been the greatest friend I could ask for.

3.  Who is your sounding board for your story ideas?  How do they help you bring an idea to fruition?

Not that I'm a momma's girl, even a little, but my mother is the best sounding board - on any topic.  I usually start with a concept, theme, or ending of a book, and then I work my way through.  Inevitably I come to the middle, or what writers call, the "muddle"; that portion of the book that can so easily drag.  I usually make a phone call around then to talk through ideas and concepts.  My mother always begins by saying, "You know this is your thing, not mine.  I'm no good at this."  That leads to a discussion on writing and reading, and then we end up talking through all of my ideas, and she helps me to flesh out the good from the not so compelling.  Then I write, call a few more friends and knock around ideas, and then write some more.  My editor, Kristen Weber, also helps me to develop my story lines in successful directions.

4. If you could put one of your books into any person's hands, who would that be?

Without a doubt, Oprah Winfrey.  Although HAVE NO SHAME is not yet published, I think she'd love that story.

5.  As one of your devoted readers, I want to know what author do you follow and love?  What are you currently reading?

I'm currently reading a friend's novel, HIDDEN UNDER HER HEART by Rachelle Ayala.  The authors I follow and love are so varied.  I read all of Diane Chamnerlain's books, and I love Kristin Hannah's recent books, but really, I fall in love with so many different authors every year.  There's never a lull on my TBR list.  I read everything but horror, sci-fi, and erotica.

6. What is next on your plate?

I have three books ready to be published that I wrote last year, and this year I am completing my first foray into the romance genre with The Other Side of Me.  Next, I think I'm going back to suspense and perhaps finishing a YA/Adult crossover that I began two years ago.  Once LLL is complete, I'll figure out what's begging to be written.

Kristin, thank you so much for hosting me on your blog today.


  1. Dear Melissa,

    I loved the inreview on Kritters ramblings. I especially love how you talk about how you share your writing or when you need a sounding board with your mother. I also love all you have done for authors. I have no doubt that Oprah would love your book Have no shame.
    It is a delight. I also have loved all your books. I can not wait to read the rest. Amazing! Great interview!


  2. Wow thanks, Syl. Please feel free to tell Oprah about it! lol. xox


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