Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

This won't be such a wordless post, but hopefully mostly pictures!

This past Saturday, my mom (Ope's Opinions) and I went into DC for a full day of book fun!  First stop was the Library of Congress.  It was cool, but with our recent trip to New York and their big public library, we decided we liked the NYPL better - you can get much closer to the book action!

After a yummy lunch at Pizza Paradisio, we stumbled upon Second Story books which is a used bookstore that was packed full of all things book!  Mom and I found a few books to take home in their new section.

Our last stop was KramerBooks where we picked up a few more books and stopped for dessert.  It ended up bring a full day of fun and books with my mom.  We are going to do a few of these local adventures to make up for not attending BEA this year.  

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  1. Kramerbooks is absolutely amazing!!! I love the restaurant in the back too!


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