Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: Something About Sophie by Mary Kay McComas

Something About Sophie 
by Mary Kay McComas 

Publisher: William Morrow 
Pages: 320 
Format: eARC 
Buy the Book: Amazon  

Goodreads:  Answering a call that summons her to a stranger's deathbed, a reluctant Sophie Shepard is too late to hear what he was so anxious to tell her. What was so important that a dying man would think of her in his final moments? With the help of Dr. Drew McCarren, Sophie begins to dig into her past, setting off a chain of events that chills the quiet town of Clearfield, Virginia to its roots.

With part of her wanting nothing more than to put Clearfield behind her and run back home, Sophie knows she won't rest until she discovers the truth. But growing closer to the residents also means uncovering their dark secrets: about the woman who gave her up for adoption, the mysterious part these strangers played, and the life she never knew she nearly had.

Kritters Thoughts:  A big mystery in a small town that is wrapped up in this unknowing young woman's past - if only she knew.  She knew she was adopted and ended up in the home of two loving parents; recently her mother passed away and she was contacted by a pastor who is living his last days and has some information he wants to share with her.  Before she arrives in town he has passed away and from there the pieces begin to unravel and finally at the very end the full truth comes out.  

I grew up in a small town, so the small town elements hit very close to home and I could picture the people and the places as if they were just like my hometown.  Sophia comes into this small town and as most small towns do they have a history and they have people who are more than willing to share the gossip; I think there were moments at the beginning where I wanted the pace to start to quicken to start the resolution period, but I felt like the author was still building it - didn't make me put it down, but definitely made me want to read a little quicker to get beyond the build.  

There was definitely a twist at the end that I loved because it gave the truth a little more depth than I thought it would have as the story was unraveling.  As I can definitely not reveal the truth of this girl's story, I can definitely stay it is worth the slow moments in the beginning of the book.

Rating: definitely a good read, but can't read two in a row

Ebook 2013 Challenge: 12 out of 50

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Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received one copy of this book free of charge from TLC Book Tours.  I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for receipt of the book; rather, the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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  1. I've always wondered what it would be like to grow up in a small town ...

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book for the tour.


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